How to make bookends out of wood?

How to make bookends out of wood featured

What are Bookends and Why Use Them?

Bookends are simple yet essential tools used to keep books and other reading material upright and organized. They are especially handy when you have a wide range of books that need to be stored upright in a small space. Without bookends, the books tend to lean, fall over, or get disorganized. Making bookends out of wood not only provides a practical solution to this problem, but it also adds some flair to the room’s decor.

Materials and Tools Needed to Make Wooden Bookends

Making wooden bookends requires minimal supplies and tools. The necessary equipment that you need include a saw, sandpaper, wood glue, drill, and clamps. The materials required include a wooden board of your choice, paint or stain, and a protective finish such as varnish or wax.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Wooden Bookends

Step 1: Begin by selecting a wooden board that is appropriate for making the bookends. The board should be at least 12 inches long and 6 inches wide. If you are making bookends for larger and heavier books, choose a thicker and sturdier board.

Step 2: Cut the board into two pieces of equal size using a saw. You can cut the pieces square, rectangular, or any other shape of your choice.

Step 3: Sand both sides of the boards to remove any rough edges and roughness. You can use 60-grit sandpaper to remove any imperfections and finish with a 120-grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface.

Step 4: If you choose to paint or stain the bookends, do it at this point. Allow ample time for the paint or stain to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5: Apply a thin layer of wood glue to one side of each board and press them together. Use clamps to hold the boards in place until the glue dries completely.

Step 6: Once the glue is dried, sand the bookends once again to ensure a smooth and uniform finish. You can apply a coat of varnish or wax to protect the bookends and give them a glossy finish.

Overall, making bookends out of wood is an easy and fun DIY project that you can undertake to declutter and organize your book collection. Wooden bookends are durable, practical, and visually appealing, thereby making them a perfect addition to your home decor. Try customizing the bookends to match the color scheme and style of the room.

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