How to accessorize a handbag with a scarf or keychain?

How to accessorize a handbag with a scarf or keychain featured

Why Accessorizing a Handbag is Vital

Handbags are a must-have accessory for every woman who wants to add some sophistication and style to their outfit. Often, handbags are considered a statement piece and when accessorized correctly, they can enhance any outfit. However, apart from buying the perfect handbag for specific occasions, we also need to pay attention to the accessories we use on the handbag. Scarves and keychains, for instance, are great additions to the handbag that can create a significant impact on your style. The following guide gives you some tips on how to accessorize your handbag with a scarf or keychain:

Choosing the Right Scarf for your Handbag

The scarf is one of the most versatile accessories that can be used to add some oomph to your handbag. When choosing a scarf, go for something bold and colorful that complements your handbag’s color. The ideal scarf should be long enough to wrap around the handle of the handbag several times. A silk scarf is an excellent choice because it is light and does not add any unnecessary weight to the handbag. For those who prefer something more durable, cotton and wool scarfs can also work well.

Adding a Pop of Color with a Keychain

Keychains are a classic accessory that can be used to add a pop of color to your handbag. When shopping for a keychain, ensure that you choose one that compliments the color of your handbag. For instance, if you have a plain black handbag, go for keychains with bright colors like red and blue. If your handbag is bright, you can opt for a keychain that is a neutral color like white or brown. An important factor to consider when choosing a keychain is the size – it should not be too bulky as it can weigh down your handbag.

Using a Scarf to Create a Bow

If you have a scarf that is too short to wrap around the handle of your handbag, you can still use it as an accessory. You can create a bow with the scarf and attach it to the handle of your bag. The bow adds a playful and youthful touch to the handbag and is perfect for a weekend or casual look. To create the bow, wrap the scarf around the handle and tie a knot at the center. Then, fold the scarf in half and create loops on either side, folding them over the knot and securing them in place with another knot.

Coordinating your Scarf and Keychain

If you are feeling extra bold, you can coordinate your scarf and keychain for a complete look. However, this can be tricky, and you need to ensure that the two complement each other without clashing. For instance, if your scarf has a busy pattern, your keychain should be a single color that is present in the scarf. Alternatively, you can opt for a keychain that has the same pattern or color as your scarf. This way, you can create a put-together look that is cohesive and stylish.

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