How often should you oil your hair clipper blades?

How often should you oil your hair clipper blades featured

Why Regular Maintenance of Hair Clipper Blades is Important

Hair clippers are essential tools for anyone who wants to keep their hair neatly trimmed. But like any other machinery, they require regular maintenance to keep functioning properly. One critical part of keeping hair clippers in tip-top shape is ensuring that the blades are well-maintained. There’s no denying that keeping your hair clipper blades in excellent condition is essential to get a clean and precise haircut or shave.

How Often Should You Oil Your Hair Clipper Blades?

It is customary to oil the blades before, after, and during use. Begin by applying a few drops of oil to the blades before switching on the clipper. Run the clipper for a few seconds to allow the oil to spread evenly. You’ll want to reapply the oil as soon as the blades start getting dry or if they feel hot. Generally, experts suggest oiling your hair clipper blades after every use.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of hair clipper blades guarantees longevity and performance. Over time, clipper blades accumulate hair, debris, and dust, which can cause them to become blunt. Regular cleaning of the blades can help prevent rusting, increasing the lifespan of your clippers. Moreover, well-oiled blades reduce friction, ensuring they run smoothly and cool without the risk of overheating or injury to the user.

How to Maintain Your Hair Clipper Blades

It’s easy to maintain your Hair Clipper blades with little effort. The first step is ensuring you regularly clean the blades after every use with a clipper brush or a soft-bristled brush. Remove hair, oil, or other debris that may have accumulated. You should also remove and soak your blades in clipper oil or mineral oil to protect them from rusting or corroding. Experts recommend sending your hair clipper to a professional for regular servicing. They can help detect any mechanical defects and replace worn-out parts before they cause more damage.

If you’re fading your friends’ hair or have an at-home haircutting routine⁠, keeping the blades of your hair clipper well-maintained through regular cleaning and oiling cannot be overstated. Not only does this ensure that your clippers will last long, but this also guarantees that you’ll get an excellent haircut every time. Remember, you should oil your clipper blades after every use, and with little effort and regular servicing by a professional, you can help make your hair clippers last for years to come.

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