How many laundry pods should I use per load?

How many laundry pods should I use per load featured

How many laundry pods should I use per load?

If you’re new to laundry pods or just want to make sure you’re using them correctly, you may be wondering how many to use per load. The answer can vary depending on a few factors, so let’s take a look.

Consider the size of your load

The amount of laundry pods you use should be based on the size of your load. Most laundry pod packages will indicate how many to use for small, medium, and large loads. If your load falls in between sizes, opt for the lower number to avoid overusing detergent and potentially damaging your clothes.

Look for additional instructions

Some laundry pods may come with additional use instructions. For example, some pods may need to be placed in the drum of front-loading washing machines to dissolve properly. Always read the package instructions carefully to ensure you’re using the laundry pods correctly.

Consider the level of dirt and stains

If your clothes are heavily soiled or stained, you may need to use additional laundry pods to effectively clean them. However, be cautious not to use too many as this can lead to detergent buildup and damage to your clothes over time.

When in doubt, use less

If you’re unsure of how many laundry pods to use, it’s always safer to use less rather than more. Overusing detergent can lead to issues such as residue buildup, stiff clothing, or even damage to your washing machine. Start with the recommended amount for your load size and adjust as needed based on the level of dirt and stains.

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