How easy is it to maintain a hand vacuum cleaner?

How easy is it to maintain a hand vacuum cleaner featured

Hand vacuum cleaners are becoming popular because of their convenience and portability. They are easy to use for quick cleanups around the house and car. However, like any other appliance, hand vacuum cleaners require maintenance to function optimally. In this article, we discuss how easy it is to maintain a hand vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the filters

One of the critical maintenance tasks in a hand vacuum cleaner is cleaning the filters. Most hand vacuums have washable filters, but it’s essential to check the user manual to confirm. Filters can get clogged with dirt, and this will affect the performance of the vacuum. Cleaning the filter regularly will help ensure that the vacuum continues to work efficiently.

Emptying the dustbin

Another important maintenance task is emptying the dustbin. It’s essential to empty the dustbin after every use, especially if you are vacuuming a lot of dirt. This will prevent the dustbin from getting clogged and help the vacuum maintain suction power. To empty, remove the dustbin from the vacuum and empty the contents into a trash can. Clean the dustbin and filters before returning them to the vacuum.

Checking the brushroll

The brushroll is another component that requires maintenance. Over time, the brushroll can accumulate dirt, hair, and debris, hampering its performance. It’s advisable to check the brushroll regularly and clean it when necessary. To clean the brushroll, remove it from the vacuum and use scissors or a cutting tool to remove entangled hair or debris.

Charging the battery

If your hand vacuum cleaner uses a rechargeable battery, it’s essential to keep it fully charged. A fully charged battery helps ensure that the vacuum operates at peak performance. Most hand vacuums take up to four hours to charge fully. It’s recommended to check the battery level after every use and recharge it when necessary.

Storing the vacuum

Proper storage can help extend the life of a hand vacuum cleaner. It’s advisable to store the vacuum in a clean, dry place when not in use. Before storing, ensure that the dustbin is empty, the filters are clean, and the battery is charged. Avoid storing the vacuum in hot or humid places as this can damage the battery and affect the vacuum’s performance.

Maintaining a hand vacuum cleaner is not a difficult task. Regular cleaning of the filters, emptying the dustbin after use, checking the brushroll, charging the battery, and proper storage can help ensure that the vacuum remains efficient and lasts longer.

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