How do you turn a jug into a plant pot?

How do you turn a jug into a plant pot featured

Repurposing a Jug into a Plant Pot: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have an old jug lying around that you no longer use, why not turn it into a trendy plant pot? It’s a simple DIY project that you can do in just a few easy steps. Here’s how:

Step 1: Clean the Jug

The first step is to clean the jug thoroughly. Remove any dirt or residue from inside and outside of it. You can use warm water, dish soap, and a scrub brush to get it clean. Rinse it well and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Add Drainage Holes

Drainage holes are essential for any plant pot. You can use a drill and a small bit to create a few holes at the bottom of the jug. If you don’t have a drill, you can use a hammer and a nail to create the holes. Make sure they are not too big, as the soil may spill out from them.

Step 3: Fill it with Soil

Next, you need to fill the jug with soil. Choose a good quality potting soil and add it to the jug until it’s about two-thirds full. Avoid overfilling it, as this may cause the soil to spill out, making it messy.

Step 4: Plant Your Favorite Plant

Now it’s time to add your favorite plant to the jug. You can choose any plant that suits the size of the jug. A small succulent or a herb plant would be great for a small jug. If you have a large jug, you can consider planting a small shrub or a flowering plant. Make sure the plant is suited for the level of sunlight and humidity that the jug provides.

Step 5: Water it

Lastly, water your plant well. Make sure the soil is moist but not too wet. You can place a saucer or tray underneath the jug to catch any excess water that drains out. Remember to water your plant regularly and provide it with the required sunlight and nutrients.

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