How do you store a steamer basket?

How do you store a steamer basket featured


Storing a steamer basket can be a challenge if you don’t have the proper storage solutions in place. A steamer basket is a versatile kitchen tool that is used for cooking vegetables, seafood, and other ingredients by steaming them. It is essential to store your steamer basket properly to ensure its longevity and to keep your kitchen organized. In this article, we will explore some effective storage options for your steamer basket.

Hanging your steamer basket

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to store a steamer basket is by hanging it. If you have a pot rack or a wire shelf in your kitchen, you can hang your steamer basket from it. Simply use a hook or a clip to hang the steamer basket upside down. This method not only saves space but also allows the steamer basket to dry properly, preventing any moisture buildup that can lead to rust. Additionally, hanging your steamer basket keeps it easily accessible, making it more likely that you will use it regularly.

Using a dedicated storage container

If you prefer keeping your kitchen counters free from clutter, investing in a dedicated storage container for your steamer basket is a great option. There are various storage containers available in the market designed specifically for storing steamer baskets. These containers are usually made of plastic or metal and come in different sizes to accommodate steamer baskets of various diameters. The advantage of using a dedicated storage container is that it keeps your steamer basket clean, protected, and easily accessible. You can stack multiple storage containers on top of each other to save space in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

Storing in a kitchen drawer

If you have limited counter or cabinet space, storing your steamer basket in a kitchen drawer may be the best solution for you. To store your steamer basket in a drawer, you can use dividers or small baskets to keep it organized and prevent it from rolling around. Make sure to clean and dry the steamer basket thoroughly before storing it to avoid any moisture buildup or rust. Storing your steamer basket in a drawer keeps it out of sight but easily accessible whenever you need it.

Using a wall-mounted storage rack

If you want to free up even more counter or cabinet space, consider using a wall-mounted storage rack for your steamer basket. A wall-mounted storage rack typically consists of hooks or clips on which you can hang your steamer basket vertically. This storage option not only keeps your steamer basket organized and easily accessible but also adds a decorative element to your kitchen walls. You can find wall-mounted storage racks in various designs and sizes to suit your kitchen decor and the size of your steamer basket.

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