How do you properly hold dressmaking scissors?

How do you properly hold dressmaking scissors featured

Proper Techniques for Holding Dressmaking Scissors

Dressmaking scissors are essential tools for anyone who loves to sew, quilt or create any type of fabric craft. These scissors are very sharp and require proper handling to ensure safety and accuracy when cutting fabrics. Proper techniques for holding dressmaking scissors will not only keep your fingers safe from cuts, but also make sure that your cuts are clean and straight. Here are some tips for holding dressmaking scissors correctly:

Hold the Scissors Straight

When using dressmaking scissors, it’s important to hold them straight. This ensures that the blade makes an even cut across the fabric. To hold the scissors straight, align them with your forearm rather than your wrist. Your wrist should be straight, and your fingers should be relaxed. This technique allows for maximum control and accuracy.

Use Your Thumb and Middle Finger

When holding dressmaking scissors, use your thumb and middle fingers to grip the handles. Place your thumb into the top loop of the handle and your middle finger into the lower loop. Keep your pointer finger and ring finger free so that you can use them to guide the fabric you are cutting. This grip allows for maximum force and control.

Don’t Use Your Index Finger

Never use your index finger to hold the scissors while cutting fabric. This grip can cause the blades to twist, which can result in uneven cuts. Also, if the blades should come apart during a cut, your index finger could be in the way of the blades, resulting in injury.

Hold Your Fabric Taut

When cutting fabric, always hold it taut with your non-cutting hand. This will prevent the fabric from slipping or moving while you are cutting, which could result in uneven cuts. Use your pointer finger and ring finger to hold the fabric taut, and guide it as you cut with the scissors.

Keep Your Scissors Sharp

Lastly, it’s important to keep your dressmaking scissors sharp. Dull scissors can damage fabric and result in uneven cuts. Use a sharpening stone or take your scissors to a professional sharpener when they become dull. A sharp pair of scissors will make your cuts clean and precise, and will reduce the risk of injury.

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