How do you make a jug of iced tea?

How do you make a jug of iced tea featured

Choosing Your Tea

The first step in making a great jug of iced tea is choosing the right tea. You can use black tea, green tea, or even herbal tea depending on your preference. If you’re using loose leaf tea, use about one tablespoon per 8 ounces of water. If you’re using tea bags, use two tea bags per 8 ounces of water.

Boiling Water

After you’ve chosen your tea, you’ll need to bring water to a boil. Use a kettle or pot to boil the amount of water you need. Depending on your tea, you may want to let the water cool slightly before you brew your tea. For black tea, boiling water is typically recommended. For green tea, you’ll want to let the water cool for a minute or two before pouring it over the tea leaves.

Brewing Your Tea

Once you’ve boiled your water and let it cool slightly if necessary, you can brew your tea. If using loose leaf tea, pour the hot water over the leaves and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. If using tea bags, place them in your pitcher and pour the hot water over them. Let the tea bags steep for 3-5 minutes.

Sweetening Your Tea

After your tea has brewed, you may want to sweeten it. White sugar, brown sugar, honey, or agave nectar are all great options for sweetening your tea. You can stir in your sweetener of choice while the tea is still hot or after it has cooled. Keep in mind that adding sweetener will affect the taste of the tea, so start with a small amount and add more if necessary.

Adding Ice

Finally, it’s time to add ice to your tea. You can add ice cubes directly to the pitcher, or you can pour the tea over a glass filled with ice. You can also garnish your tea with lemon wedges, fresh mint, or fruit for added flavor. Once your tea is cold and refreshing, enjoy it with friends and family.

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