How do you maintain a circular saw?

How do you maintain a circular saw featured

Circular saw maintenance tips for a longer lifespan

As a woodworker, having a circular saw is an essential tool in your arsenal, but like most tools, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your circular saw and keep it in tip-top condition.

Clean the blade regularly

The blade is the most critical component of your circular saw, and it is essential to keep it clean to avoid rusting and reduce wear and tear. After every use, clean the blade by brushing off any sawdust, and use a blade cleaner to remove any resin or pitch build-up. Remember always to unplug your saw before cleaning the blade.

Check and adjust the blade alignment

A misaligned blade can cause uneven cuts and might damage the motor or blade itself, so it is crucial to check the blade alignment regularly. Use a straight edge to check if the blade is parallel with the saw’s base plate. If it is misaligned, adjust the screws at the base of the saw until the blade is parallel.

Lubricate moving parts

The saw’s moving parts, such as the gears, shafts, and bearings, need proper lubrication to function correctly. Check your saw’s manual for the recommended lubricant type and how often you should apply it. Over lubricating can cause dust and debris to build up on the parts, so be mindful of the amount of lubricant applied.

Check the electric cord and brushes

Check the electric cord for any frays or damages, and replace it immediately if you notice any. The brushes in your saw’s motor need regular replacement for optimal performance. Check your manual to see the recommended interval for replacing the brushes and replace them when due.

Store your saw correctly

Proper storage between uses can significantly impact the lifespan of your saw. Store it in a dry, easily accessible location, and cover it with a dust cover if it will be sitting idle for an extended period. Also, store your saw with the blade guard in place and unplugged.

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