How do you clean hair clippers?

How do you clean hair clippers featured

Understanding the Importance of Clean Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are essential grooming tools that help people achieve different hair styles at home without visiting salons or barbershops. They come in handy for cutting hair, trimming beard, and mustache. Hair clippers should be cleaned after every use since they can quickly accumulate dirt, hair, and oil, making them ineffective or less efficient. Cleaning your clippers regularly will not only ensure they remain in good condition but also prevent skin infections and possible transmission of viruses and bacteria.

What You Need to Clean Your Hair Clippers

To clean hair clippers, you must have a clipper brush, a clipper oil, disinfectant, and a soft damp cloth. The clipper brush is used to remove hair and dirt from the clipper blades, while the clipper oil is used to lubricate the blades. Disinfectant helps to kill germs and bacteria on the clipper blades while the soft damp cloth is used to wipe clean the exterior of the clipper.

Cleaning Your Hair Clippers: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Remove any excess hairs from the clipper blades using a clipper brush.

Step 2: Apply clipper oil to the blades to lubricate them for easy cleaning and to prevent rusting.

Step 3: Use a disinfectant to clean the clipper blades to kill germs and bacteria that cause skin infections.

Step 4: Remove any stubborn dirt on the clipper blades using a soft damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water.

Step 5: Wipe clean the exterior of the clipper using a soft damp cloth.

Additional Tips on Cleaning Hair Clippers

It is essential to sterilize your clipper blades using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for added protection against germs and bacteria. Avoid submerging the clipper in water or soaking it in liquid since it may cause damage to the motor or the blades. It is best to clean your hair clippers after every use and store them in a dry place to prevent rusting. Also, ensure that your clipper blades are sharp enough before and after cleaning by sharpening them regularly or replacing them if necessary.

Cleaning hair clippers is an easy task that takes a few minutes but has significant benefits to your health and the lifespan of the clipper. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will keep your clippers clean, hygienic, and efficient, ensuring you have a suitable tool for your grooming needs for years to come.

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