How do I properly sharpen my cutlery?

How do I properly sharpen my cutlery featured

Understanding the Importance of Sharp Cutlery

Sharp cutlery is not only essential for efficient cutting, but it is also necessary for safety reasons. Dull knives can slip, and you might end up injuring yourself while trying to cut something. Additionally, sharp knives help to maintain the integrity of the ingredients while cutting, which affects the flavor and presentation of the dishes you prepare.

Invest in a Quality Sharpening System

One of the easiest ways to sharpen your cutlery is by getting a quality sharpening system. The best sharpening systems have different sharpening stages you can use to sharpen your knives accurately. For instance, there are sharpening systems that use diamond-coated sharpening stones or ceramic sharpeners, and these systems can sharpen and hone blades to a fine edge.

Learn How to Use a Sharpening Stone

If you don’t have a sharpening system, you can use a sharpening stone to sharpen your cutlery. However, sharpening stones require some skill to use. Learning how to use a sharpening stone might seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice, you can achieve a razor-sharp edge on your knives. Be sure to use proper technique and keep the angle of the blade consistent when sharpening.

Don’t Forget to Hone Your Knives

Honing is the process of realigning the blade of your knife to its original position. Many people tend to overlook honing, but it is essential if you want to maintain your blade’s sharpness. The honing process helps to remove any deformities on the blade edge that may have occurred while using the knife. To hone your knife, pass the blade over a honing steel several times while maintaining the correct angle.

Consider Professional Sharpening Services

If you don’t have the time or skill to sharpen your knives adequately, you can consider professional sharpening services. These services use professional equipment to sharpen your knives to a razor-sharp edge, and they can also fix any damages like chips or nicks. Notably, you should ensure that you work with a reputable professional sharpening service to avoid damaging your cutlery.

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