How do I prevent my ice cream scoop from sticking?

How do I prevent my ice cream scoop from sticking featured

Use a High-Quality Ice Cream Scoop

Investing in a good quality ice cream scoop can make a huge difference in preventing your scoop from sticking. Look for scoops with a sturdy, heavy-duty design, and a non-stick coating that will help the ice cream slide right off.

Warm Up the Scoop

Scooping ice cream with a cold scoop can cause it to stick to the metal. To prevent this, run the scoop under warm water before using it. This will help the scoop glide effortlessly through the ice cream without sticking.

Use a Flat Spatula

If your scoop is still sticking, try using a flat spatula to press the ice cream down into the scoop. This will help loosen it and make it easier to scoop without sticking. Simply slide the spatula under the ice cream in the container and press down firmly before scooping.

Keep the Ice Cream Soft

Soft ice cream is much easier to scoop than hard, frozen ice cream. To keep your ice cream soft and scoopable, store it in the warmest part of your freezer and avoid keeping it near the door, where it can be exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

Try a Hot Water Dip

If all else fails, try dipping your scoop in hot water before scooping. This will help soften the ice cream slightly and make it easier to scoop without sticking. Be sure to dry the scoop off before using it, as excess water can cause the ice cream to become icy and freezer-burned.

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