How do I know if a makeup mirror is shatterproof or not?

How do I know if a makeup mirror is shatterproof or not featured

Understanding the Importance of Shatterproof Makeup Mirrors

When it comes to buying a makeup mirror, safety should always be one of the top priorities. One of the essential features that you should look for in a makeup mirror is shatterproof glass. Shatterproof mirrors prevent any injury that may occur due to breakage of the mirror. It is challenging to determine whether a makeup mirror is shatterproof or not just by looking at it. Read on to know how you can identify whether a makeup mirror is shatterproof or not.

Check for Safety Certification

The easiest way to determine whether a makeup mirror is shatterproof or not is by checking for safety certifications. Reputable manufacturers follow strict safety standards to produce shatterproof mirrors, which they certify through various safety organizations. Look for safety certifications, such as the UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc), ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories), and ANSI (American National Standards Institute). These organizations evaluate the shatter resistance capabilities of the mirrors and certify them based on their performance.

Examine the Mirror Edge

Another way to determine if your makeup mirror is shatterproof or not is by examining the mirror’s edges. A shatterproof mirror has a thick and smooth edge, while a regular mirror has a thin and rough edge. The smooth edge of a shatterproof mirror indicates the presence of a protective coating, which prevents the glass from cracking under stress. In contrast, the rough edge of a regular mirror indicates that it’s a cut glass, which makes it easier to shatter upon impact.

Try the Ball Drop Test

You can even perform a simple ball drop test to determine if your makeup mirror is shatterproof or not. Just drop a small steel ball or marble from a distance of six feet and see if it cracks. If the mirror breaks, it’s not shatterproof, and If it doesn’t, it’s a shatterproof mirror. Also, the shatterproof mirrors might crack or chip a bit, but they will never shatter into small pieces.

Read Online Reviews

Before buying a makeup mirror, you should check the online reviews of the product. Online reviews from previous customers can help you identify the safety features of the makeup mirror. If there are no reviews available online, you can directly ask the manufacturer about their safety measures while producing the mirrors. Many online marketplaces feature safety information that can assist buyers in purchasing shatterproof mirrors.

Shatterproof makeup mirrors provide a safe and secure environment for applying makeup. Understanding how to identify shatterproof mirrors is essential to prevent any injury that can result from a broken mirror. Make sure to check for safety certifications, examine the mirror edge, perform a ball drop test, and read online reviews. These simple steps can help you determine if the makeup mirror you plan to buy is shatterproof or not, making it easier for you to make an informed purchase decision.

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