How do I create a DIY snow globe using a jar?

How do I create a DIY snow globe using a jar featured

Gather materials and tools

The first step in creating a DIY snow globe using a jar is to gather all the required materials and tools. These include a clean and empty jar with a lid, glitter, distilled water, glycerin, and a figurine or small decorations. Additionally, you will need a hot glue gun, scissors, and a marker.

Prepare the figurine

Before inserting the figurine into the jar, ensure it is clean and dry. Then, using a hot glue gun, attach the figurine or small decorations to the inside of the jar lid. Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding.

Add the glitter and water

Next, add about 2-3 tablespoons of glitter to the jar. Pour distilled water into the jar, leaving some space at the top. Add a teaspoon of glycerin and stir well to mix everything.

Seal the jar with the figurine

Once you are satisfied with the glitter distribution, gently place the lid with the figurine attached onto the jar. Tighten the lid until it is secure. Make sure there are no leaks by tipping the jar over and checking its sides.

Shake and enjoy

Your DIY snow globe using a jar is now ready! Shake the jar to see the glitter and water mix and create a beautiful snowstorm. You can personalize the snow globe by using different figurines and decorations. They make great gifts for family and friends too!

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