How do I choose the right size doorstop?

How do I choose the right size doorstop featured

Why Choosing the Right Size Doorstop Matters

Doorstops may seem like a minor part of your home or office, but choosing the right size doorstop can make a big difference in functionality and effectiveness. Doorstops are designed to hold doors open or prevent them from swinging too far and causing damage. With the wide variety of door sizes and weights, it is essential to select the appropriate size doorstop to ensure it performs its intended function optimally.

Consider the Weight and Size of Your Door

When choosing a doorstop, the weight and size of your door should be the primary factors to consider. Different doors have different weights, and using a doorstop that is too small or lightweight for a heavy door may result in the door not being held in place properly, defeating the purpose of the doorstop. On the other hand, using a doorstop that is too large or heavy for a lighter door may cause damage or even break the door.

Determine Your Door’s Distance from the Wall

Another factor to consider is the distance between your door and the wall when it is opened. If the doorstop is too short, it may not provide enough clearance to hold the door open fully. Conversely, if the doorstop is too long, it may stick out too far, creating a tripping hazard or becoming an obstruction. Measure the distance between your door and the wall to ensure you choose a doorstop with an appropriate length.

Consider the Material and Design of the Doorstop

Doorstops come in a variety of materials and designs, including rubber, metal, and plastic. Rubber doorstops are ideal for preventing doors from swinging too far and causing damage to walls or furniture. Metal doorstops are more durable and suitable for heavier doors. Plastic doorstops are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as durable in the long run. Consider the material and design of the doorstop based on your specific needs and preferences.

Test the Doorstop Before Making a Final Decision

Before purchasing a doorstop, it is important to test it to ensure it will effectively hold your door open or prevent it from swinging. Place the doorstop on the floor and open your door to the desired position. Push against the door to check if the doorstop stays in place and prevents the door from moving further. If the doorstop fails to hold the door properly, consider choosing a different size or model.

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