How can you maintain and care for your multi-tool?

How can you maintain and care for your multi tool featured

Regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your multi-tool functional

Multi-tools are the Swiss Army knives of the outdoors, and it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t own one. Whether you’re on a camping trip, hiking, or just need a quick fix, multi-tools come in handy. However, these tools require love and care to increase their lifespan and efficiency. It’s crucial to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Here’s how to take care of your multi-tool.

Oil your multi-tool regularly to prevent corrosion and rust damages

Corrosion and rust are a multi-tool’s worst enemies. The blades, joints, and screws are prone to rust, which reduces the effectiveness of your tool. To prevent rust from taking hold, apply a thin layer of oil. Using a lubricant such as WD-40 or a dedicated multi-tool oil will help prevent rust and corrosion, particularly in the joints. Don’t overdo it with the oil on your multi-tool. Apply just enough to coat it but not so much that it’s wet to the touch.

Sharpen the blades to keep them in good condition

The blades are the backbone of a multi-tool. A dull blade reduces its efficiency and effectiveness. You can sharpen the blades of your multi-tool by using a sharpening stone, electric sharpener, or a file. A sharpening stone is the best option as it keeps the blade sharp and smooth. Sharpening your multi-tool’s blades will help you avoid bruises and scrapes, particularly if the blades are dull and require more pressure or a slip may occur.

Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your multi-tool

Harsh chemicals can be powerful for cleansing, but they can cause damage to your multi-tool. You can clean and maintain your multi-tool by using a mild organic solvent such as vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or detergent to wipe it down. You can use a soft-bristled brush and running water to clean any dirt and dust that may have accumulated in the joints and blades. After cleaning, dry the tool properly, ensuring no moisture remains.

Store your multi-tool in a secure and dry place

Proper positioning of your multi-tool ensures that it is safe from damage or rust and corrosion. Typically, cleaning and moving it to a dry location away from moisture protects the tool from rust and corrosion. It also protects the blades and joints from dust, dirt, or any accumulation that could hinder the tool’s efficiency. Store your multi-tool case in a dry place and carry it when on the move in a secure place.

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