Does a dog harness affect breathing?

Does a dog harness affect breathing featured

What is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is an accessory made of fabric or nylon that wraps around a dog’s chest and upper torso, designed to distribute pressure and force more evenly than a traditional collar. Harnesses are available in several varieties, including front clip harnesses, back clip harnesses, and full-body harnesses.

The Benefits of a Dog Harness

Walking dogs using a collar could cause several health problems, including collapsed trachea and neck injuries. By using a dog harness, owners can help their pets walk more comfortably and safely. A harness disperses the pressure across the dog’s body, reducing the risk of neck, throat, and spine injuries. Harnesses are also perfect for dogs that pull on the leash as it helps owners in controlling their pets and retains leash training.

Does a Dog Harness Affect Breathing?

Dog owners have raised concerns about whether a dog wearing a harness could impact its breathing. However, when used adequately, a dog harness should allow the dog to breathe normally while providing a comfortable and safe walking experience. Some harnesses can be restrictive when fitted incorrectly, increasing the risk of not allowing the dog to breathe comfortably. Therefore, dog owners should properly fit and adjust the harness to provide maximum comfort and safety for their pets.

Tips for Proper Fitting of a Dog Harness

To ensure that the harness fits securely yet comfortably, dog owners should follow the manufacturer’s fitting instructions. Here are some tips for proper fitting:

  • Measure the dog’s girth to choose the right size harness
  • Ensure the harness is snug but not too tight – you can fit two fingers between the harness and the dog’s skin
  • Adjust the straps so that the harness fits the dog snugly and does not rub against the skin.
  • Check the fit to guarantee the harness does not restrict the dog’s breathing in any way.

The Bottom Line

Dog harnesses, when fitted correctly, do not affect a dog’s breathing. They provide additional safety and comfort during walks while reducing the risk of injury to the dog’s neck and spine. Dog owners should select the right harness size for their pets and take the time to properly adjust it to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Overall, using a dog harness is a great alternative to traditional collars and can improve the overall quality of life for our furry friends!

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