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DIY cot mobile ideas featured

5 DIY Cot Mobile Ideas to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Are you looking for cute and unique ways to keep your baby entertained? A cot mobile is a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery. A mobile not only adds a stylish touch to your baby’s room, but it also helps to stimulate their visual and cognitive development.

Rainbow Cloud Mobile

A rainbow cloud mobile is a beautiful addition to any nursery. To make this mobile, you will need a wire hoop, stuffing, and felt fabric in various colors. Cut out cloud and raindrop shapes and sew them together, stuffing them as you go. Sew the felt shapes onto the wire hoop, adding ribbons or strings to dangle the raindrops. Your baby will love watching the rainbow colors move and sway.

Woodland Animal Mobile

If you’re a fan of nature, a woodland animal mobile is a perfect choice. Gather small stuffed woodland animals, string, and a wooden embroidery hoop. Tie the string around the animals and knot them onto different areas of the hoop. Personalize the mobile with different animals such as foxes, bears, and rabbits.

Sea Creatures Mobile

If you’re looking for a mobile that’s perfect for a beach themed room or just for your little one who loves the ocean, a sea creatures mobile is an excellent option. Using felt fabric, create your favorite sea creatures, such as a whale, octopus, and crab. Then, hang the creatures from a wooden hoop to create a mobile that resembles life under the sea.

DIY Pom Pom Mobile

If you’re looking for an easy DIY mobile idea, a pom-pom mobile is perfect for you. Purchase a variety of yarn in different colors, wrap it around a pom-pom maker, and cut the loops to create the pom-pom. String the pom-poms together using a needle and thread and hang them from a hoop. The colorful fluffy balls are sure to entice your baby to look up and reach out.

Butterfly Mobile

A butterfly mobile is a beautiful addition to a baby girl’s nursery. Cut out butterfly shapes from cardstock and decorate them with glitter, paint, or markers. Attach the butterflies to a wire hoop, and then string fishing line to suspend the butterflies at different heights. Your baby will love looking up at the fluttering butterflies.

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