Can you wear a diving mask with a beard?

Can you wear a diving mask with a beard featured

Yes, it’s possible to wear a diving mask with a beard!

Many men are concerned that they won’t be able to wear a diving mask if they have a beard. However, with the right mask and some simple techniques, it is possible to enjoy diving with facial hair.

Choose the right mask

The first step is to choose the right mask. Look for masks with a wide seal that sits comfortably around your face without any gaps. This will help to create a tight seal and prevent water from entering the mask.

Some brands and models of masks work better with beards than others. For example, the Mares X-Vision Ultra mask has been praised by many divers as a great option for those with beards.

Prepare your beard

Before putting on your mask, you should prepare your beard by trimming any loose or straggly hair. This will help to create a smoother surface for the mask to seal against. You may also want to consider using a beard oil or conditioner, as this can help to soften the hair and reduce any irritation or discomfort.

Put on your mask

When putting on your mask, it’s important to place the strap snugly around the back of your head. You may need to adjust the strap slightly to ensure a comfortable fit. Make sure that your beard is tucked inside the seal of the mask, and that there are no gaps between your skin and the mask.

Enjoy your dive

Once your mask is securely in place, you’re ready to enjoy your dive! Remember to breathe slowly and deeply, and to equalize your ears regularly to avoid pain and discomfort. With the right preparation and the right mask, you shouldn’t have any issues diving with a beard.

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