Can I use a round brush on colored hair?

Can I use a round brush on colored hair featured

Yes, you can use a round brush on colored hair!

As someone with colored hair, you may be wondering if it is safe to use a round brush. The answer is yes! Using a round brush can help you achieve a variety of hairstyles and add volume to your hair, all while keeping your colored locks healthy and vibrant. In this article, we will discuss why a round brush is safe for colored hair and provide you with some tips on how to properly use it.

Why a round brush is safe for colored hair

When you color your hair, your strands go through a chemical process that can cause damage if not treated with care. It is essential to use gentle tools and products that will not further strip the hair of its color or create additional damage. A round brush, if used correctly, can be a safe tool for styling your colored hair.

Round brushes come in different sizes and materials, such as ceramic, tourmaline, and nylon bristles. Ceramic and tourmaline round brushes are excellent choices for colored hair because they help distribute heat evenly, reducing the risk of heat damage. Nylon bristles, on the other hand, provide gentle detangling and help prevent breakage.

To ensure that your round brush is safe for your colored hair, look for one that is specifically designed for heat styling and is labeled as being safe for use on colored or chemically-treated hair.

How to use a round brush on colored hair

Now that you know a round brush is safe for your colored hair, let’s discuss how to use it properly. Follow these tips to achieve the best results:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair: It is important to begin with thoroughly dried hair to minimize the risk of heat damage. If you just colored your hair, make sure to wait at least 48 hours before using heat styling tools to allow the color to fully set.
  2. Apply heat protectant: Before using any heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to your hair. This will help create a barrier between your hair and the heat, preventing damage and color fading.
  3. Section your hair: Divide your hair into sections to make it easier to style with the round brush. Start with the bottom layer and gradually work your way up.
  4. Use the right size brush: Choose a round brush size according to the length of your hair. Smaller brushes work best for short hair, while larger brushes are more suitable for long hair. Using the right size brush will help you achieve the desired volume and style.
  5. Blow-dry with care: Use a blow dryer on a low heat setting and avoid direct contact with the brush. Hold the dryer about six inches away from your hair to maintain a safe distance and minimize heat damage. Additionally, try to move the brush and dryer in a downward motion to protect your hair’s cuticles and preserve color vibrancy.

Additional tips for maintaining colored hair

While using a round brush can be safe for colored hair, it is crucial to take additional steps to maintain your hair’s color and health:

  • Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners: Opt for shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for colored hair. These products help preserve color and keep your hair hydrated and healthy.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling: While using heat tools occasionally is generally safe, excessive heat styling can cause color fading and damage. Try to limit the use of heat styling tools and opt for heatless hairstyles when possible.
  • Protect your hair from the sun: UV rays can cause color fading and damage to your hair. To protect your colored locks, wear hats or use hair products with UV protection when spending time in the sun.
  • Regularly trim your hair: Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks helps eliminate split ends and keeps your colored hair looking fresh and healthy.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet: Proper hydration and nutrition play a significant role in maintaining healthy hair. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals that promote hair health.

In conclusion

Using a round brush on colored hair is safe when done correctly. By choosing the right brush and following proper styling techniques, you can achieve your desired look while keeping your colored hair healthy and vibrant. Remember to take additional steps to maintain your colored hair’s health and color, such as using color-protecting products and minimizing heat styling. With the right care, you can enjoy beautiful, styled hair without compromising your color.

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