Can I use a kettle on an induction hob?

Can I use a kettle on an induction hob featured

Yes, but only if the kettle is induction compatible

Induction hobs require specific cookware as they use electromagnetic waves to generate heat, which means only ferrous metal pans can be used. However, most modern kettles made from stainless steel or cast iron will work on an induction hob. Manufacturers will often state if their kettles are compatible with induction hobs, or you can test it yourself by seeing if a magnet sticks to the base of the kettle.

Do not use copper, glass or aluminium kettles

If a magnet doesn’t stick to the base of your kettle, then you should not use it on an induction hob. This includes kettles made from copper, glass or aluminium as they will not work on induction hobs. The electromagnetic waves will not interact with these materials to generate heat, so it is pointless and potentially dangerous to use them.

Choose the right size and shape of the kettle for your hob

When choosing a kettle to use on an induction hob, you should also consider the size and shape of the hob. The base of the kettle should be no more than a couple of centimetres larger than the hob’s diameter for optimum heat distribution. A kettle that is too large or too small may not generate enough heat or distribute it evenly, leading to slower boiling times or burnt spots.

Keep the induction hob clean for safety reasons

It’s important to keep your induction hob clean for safety reasons, and using kettles that are compatible with the hob can help with this. If you use a non-compatible kettle or cookware, it may burn and leave scorch marks on the hob that can be difficult to remove. Always clean the hob after using it to prevent any food or liquid residue from building up and potentially causing a fire.

Consider energy efficiency when using an induction hob and kettle

Induction hobs are known for their energy efficiency as they only generate heat when in contact with a ferrous metal pan or kettle. When using a kettle on an induction hob, choose one that is the right size for your needs to minimise wasted energy. Boiling more water than necessary will not only take longer but will also use more energy than required. Use the hob’s power settings to control the temperature and avoid boiling the water for longer than necessary.

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