Can hair spray be used on curly hair?

Can hair spray be used on curly hair featured

Using Hair Spray on Curly Hair: Things You Need to Know

Curly hair can be quite tricky to manage, especially when it comes to styling. And that’s why many people wonder whether hair spray can be used on curly hair. The answer is yes! But before you start spraying your hair with any old hair spray, you need to know a few things.

Choose the Right Hair Spray for Your Curl Type

When it comes to curly hair, not all hair sprays are created equal. You need to choose a hair spray that is suitable for your curl type. For instance, if you have fine curls, you should choose a light hairspray that won’t weigh your hair down. Conversely, if you have thick curls, you should opt for a stronger hold hair spray to keep your curls defined.

Use Hair Spray Sparingly

While hair spray can be a great styling tool for curly hair, it’s important not to overdo it. Using too much hair spray can make your curls stiff and crunchy, which is not a good look. To avoid this, start with a light hold hair spray, and only use a small amount. If you need to add more hold, you can always add more later.

Apply Hair Spray Correctly

When applying hair spray to curly hair, you should apply it in small sections. This will ensure that all of your curls are coated evenly, and will help to avoid any crunchy spots. Hold the hair spray bottle about 10 inches away from your head and spray the hair in a sweeping motion. Don’t hold the spray in one spot for too long, as this can result in buildup.

Use Hair Spray as a Finishing Touch

Hair spray is a great finishing touch for curly hair. Once you have styled your hair, use a light hold hair spray to keep your curls in place and to add some extra shine. Don’t forget to keep a small travel size hairspray in your bag to touch up your curls throughout the day.

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