Can gas lighters be recycled?

Can gas lighters be recycled featured

Gas lighters: Are they recyclable?

Gas lighters have gained immense popularity over the years because of their accessibility and ease of use. They are a convenient option to light candles, stoves, grills, and a variety of other objects. However, once they run out of gas they become waste. The question arises, can they be recycled? The answer is both Yes and No; read on, to find out.

Why gas lighters can’t be recycled

The most common gas lighter is disposable. It’s manufactured by combining plastic and metal and is designed to be functional only for a short period. Once the fuel has been exhausted, you are expected to dispose of it. Since the plastic and metal used to manufacture the lighter are composites, separating them for recycling is not possible.

How gas lighters can be recycled

Recycling gas lighters is possible. Although the entirety of the lighter is not recyclable, some parts, such as the metal, are. This can be done by a method called ‘cracking.’ The plastic portion of the lighter is ground down to make pellets that can then be used in laboratory glassware or tiles.

Alternative options for gas lighter disposal

If you are still wondering what to do with a gas lighter, that is no longer functional, throwing it in the trash as you would daily refuse is not the correct answer. For environmental sustainability, you could take your disposable lighters to specific recycling facilities that may use them for forming new products.

Are refillable lighters eco-friendlier?

Refillable lighters are a greener alternative to disposable ones. They are mainly made up of metal and are designed to last longer as they are refillable. While they may cost more initially, they are more sustainable than disposable lighters. Moreover, acquiring a rechargeable lighter reduces the frequency of having to dispose of old ones, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

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