Can electric knife sharpeners damage the blade?

Can electric knife sharpeners damage the blade featured

Electric Knife Sharpeners: Myth or Reality?

Electric knife sharpeners have been around for decades and have become popular among many households and commercial kitchens worldwide. However, there’s a constant debate surrounding the use of electric knife sharpeners – Can electric sharpeners damage the blade?

What Are Electric Knife Sharpeners?

Electric knife sharpeners are motorised machines that utilise a combination of grinding wheels and sharpening belts to sharpen the edge of a blade. Unlike traditional sharpening stones, which require manual effort, electric knife sharpeners are easy and straightforward to use, making them popular among people who may not have the required skillset to sharpen a blade manually.

Can Electric Knife Sharpeners Damage a Blade?

The answer is yes and no. While electric knife sharpeners won’t damage the blade if handled correctly, they can pose a significant risk to the blade’s lifespan if used improperly. This is because the sharpening belts used in electric sharpeners are often too abrasive. This will result in the blade losing its temper (the hardness of the blade’s edge), causing it to become blunt quickly.

Tips for Avoiding Damage When Using Electric Knife Sharpeners

If you decide to use an electric knife sharpener, the following tips can help you avoid damaging your blade:

  1. Read the manual: Always read the instruction manual before using your electric knife sharpener. Different sharpeners will come with specific guidelines you must adhere to, so be sure to take note of them.
  2. Choose the right abrasive grit: To avoid damaging your blade, use a sharpener with abrasive grit matched to the size and toughness of the blade edge.
  3. Use appropriate pressure: Applying too much pressure while sharpening can damage the blade. Ensure to use a light touch while sharpening to avoid pitting the blade.
  4. Clean the sharpener: Ensure to clean your sharpener regularly to remove debris that can damage the blade.
  5. Sharpen at the correct angle: Ensure to sharpen your blade at the correct angle recommended by the sharpener manufacturer. Most electric sharpeners have preset angles that you can select based on the blade you’re sharpening.

In conclusion, electric knife sharpeners can damage your blade if used incorrectly. However, if you follow the tips outlined above, you can use an electric knife sharpener without damaging your blade, making it a convenient and easy method of sharpening your kitchen knives.

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