Can a dish dryer be used for glassware?

Can a dish dryer be used for glassware featured

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Dish Dryer for Glassware

Many people wonder if they can use a dish dryer to dry their glassware. While it may seem like a convenient and efficient option, it is not recommended. Here’s why.

The Risks of Using a Dish Dryer for Glassware

Firstly, dish dryers use high heat to dry dishes quickly. This heat can cause glassware to crack or break, especially if it’s older or if there are any existing chips or cracks. Even if the glassware doesn’t break, high heat can cause it to become cloudy, ruining its appearance.

The Alternative to Using a Dish Dryer for Glassware

So, what’s the alternative to using a dish dryer for glassware? The best method is simply to air dry it. Place the glassware onto a clean towel and allow it to air dry naturally. You can speed up the process by turning the glasses over after a few hours to ensure that all surfaces are properly dry.

Other Tips for Caring for Glassware

There are also other tips and tricks for caring for glassware. For example, never stack glassware, as this can cause scratching and breakage. Additionally, hand wash glassware using warm water and mild soap, as putting it in the dishwasher can cause damage over time, especially if the washer is hot.


While using a dish dryer for glassware may seem like an easy solution, the risks of breakage, clouding, and other damage are too great. Instead, take the extra time to air dry your glassware properly, and take other steps to ensure it remains in the best condition possible.

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