Are there any filing cabinets that come fully assembled?

Are there any filing cabinets that come fully assembled featured


If you’re in need of new filing cabinets for your office or home, you may be wondering if there are any options that come fully assembled. The answer is yes! While some filing cabinets require extensive assembly, there are several models on the market that come fully assembled and ready to use.

Benefits of fully assembled filing cabinets

One of the primary benefits of fully assembled filing cabinets is convenience. Rather than spending hours putting together your new filing cabinet, you can immediately start using it to organize your documents. This is particularly useful for home offices or small businesses, where every minute counts.

Additionally, fully assembled filing cabinets may be more durable than those that require assembly. Since all of the parts have been professionally assembled prior to shipping, there is less of a chance that any parts will loosen or break during use.

Filing cabinet options that come fully assembled

One popular option for fully assembled filing cabinets is the HON Brigade 600 Series Lateral File Cabinet. This cabinet is available in several sizes and colors, and includes adjustable leveling guides to accommodate uneven floors. Another option is the Lorell SOHO 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet, which features a locking system to keep your important documents secure.

For those in need of fireproof filing cabinets, the FireKing Patriot 2-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet is available fully assembled. This cabinet is UL-listed for fire protection, and includes a Medeco high-security lock for added peace of mind.

Where to purchase fully assembled filing cabinets

You can find fully assembled filing cabinets at a variety of retailers, including office supply stores and online marketplaces. If you’re looking for a specific brand or model, it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see if they offer fully assembled options. This way, you can ensure that the filing cabinet meets all of your needs before making a purchase.


Fully assembled filing cabinets are a convenient and durable solution for anyone in need of new office storage. With several options available on the market, you’re sure to find a cabinet that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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