Are there any candle subscription services available?

Are there any candle subscription services available featured

Yes, there are several candle subscription services available!

If you love the cozy, warm glow of candles, but find it difficult to keep up with buying new ones, a candle subscription service could be the perfect solution for you. These services deliver a curated selection of candles right to your doorstep on a regular basis, so you never have to worry about running out. Here are five popular candle subscription services you should check out:


CandleDelirium is a popular candle boutique that offers a subscription service called the “Candle of the Month Club.” Each month, members receive a unique, handpicked candle from top luxury brands. The candles are beautifully packaged and come in a variety of sizes and scents. With CandleDelirium, you can experience the joy of discovering new candles without ever leaving your home.


Vellabox is another candle subscription service that delivers artisan candles to your doorstep. They offer two subscription options: the “Ignis Box” with one 4 oz candle and the “Vivere Box” with one 8 oz candle. Each box also includes a surprise gift, such as a bath bomb or a gourmet chocolate. Vellabox collaborates with small-batch candlemakers to curate a unique and high-quality experience for their subscribers.

The Candle Club

The Candle Club is a candle subscription service that focuses on natural, eco-friendly candles. Each month, subscribers receive a hand-poured, 100% soy candle in a reusable jar. The Candle Club sources their candles from independent makers who use sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices. By subscribing to The Candle Club, you can enjoy the warmth of candles while also being mindful of the environment.


Wicksly offers a unique candle subscription service that focuses on simplicity and elegance. Each month, subscribers receive a 7 oz luxury soy candle in a stylish and minimalist jar. Wicksly’s candles are designed to complement any home decor and create a serene ambiance. If you prefer a sleek and modern aesthetic, Wicksly may be the perfect candle subscription service for you.


Wickbox is a candle subscription service that allows you to customize your candle selections. When you sign up for Wickbox, you fill out a questionnaire about your candle preferences, including your favorite scents and candle styles. Based on your preferences, Wickbox will curate a box with one or two high-quality candles that align with your taste. With Wickbox, you can enjoy personalized candles tailored to your unique preferences.

So, if you’re a candle enthusiast or know someone who is, consider signing up for a candle subscription service. By doing so, you can discover new candles, enjoy the cozy ambiance they create, and never run out of your favorite scents again.

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