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West Wimbledon Cattery

West Wimbledon Cattery is a cattery that is licenced by Merton Council. It has been in operation for 26 years and aims to make the cats as comfortable and looked after as possible. It operates 365 days a year and offers services such as shipping cats in and out of the country.

Opening Hours

Monday: 7PM–12AM
Tuesday: 12AM–12PM, 7PM–12AM
Wednesday: 12AM–12PM, 7PM–12AM
Friday: 12AM–12PM, 7PM–12AM
Thursday: 12AM–12PM, 7PM–12AM
Saturday: 12AM–12PM
Sunday: Closed

a cattery located in London


020 8417 1879


West Wimbledon Cattery prices

Number of Cats Price per Day
1 £13
2 £17
Address & Street View |  202 Grand Dr, London SW20 9NB

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