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Tune My Music review

Main use case: music

Our honest opinion about Tune My Music

If you ever need to convert a Spotify playlist into a Tidal playlist, or a Youtube playlist into a Spotify playlist, this is the web app you should use. It’s free and very handy for all sorts of conversion scenarios. You can even export a list of songs to a text file, which is great if you’re preparing a podcast or need to insert a tracklist on your website.

Cheapest premium plan: $2 per month

If you need to automatically sync your playlists between different services, you’ll need the premium plan at $2 per month on an annual basis.
Tune My Music Free plan available: YES

Tune My Music is best for

anyone who needs to transfer playlists between online music services
Founded in 2018
Country: USA

Tune My Music introduction on Youtube

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