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Text Expander review

Main use case: productivity

Our honest opinion about Text Expander

By default you can only copy-paste one snippet of text at a time on your computer. With TextExpander, you can store and paste a wide range of snippets, incl. fill-in snippets, via your own simple custom abbreviations. This comes in very handy for multiple use cases: customer support, legal documents, medical reports, etc.

Cheapest premium plan: $3.33 per month

When billed annually, Text Expander costs $3.33 per month per user. If you need additional features such as snippet statistics, auto-subscribe the users of a team to new snippets, manage user permissions, etc, you’ll need the Team plan at $7.96 per month.
Text Expander Free plan available: NO

Text Expander is best for

anyone who needs to frequently use the same wording in their publications: emails, text documents, presentations, etc. Using Text Expander at a company level ensures the consistency of the language used in all corporate publications.
Founded in 2006
Country: USA

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