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Mailchimp review

Main use case: email

Our honest opinion about Mailchimp

The most popular email marketing solution on the market, quite expensive if you have a lot of contacts in your lists but don’t message them very often.

Cheapest premium plan: $9.99 per month

For 500 contacts in your lists. Mailchimp can become very quickly quite expensive if you have a lot of contacts but no reason to message them frequently. Same kind of pricing issue as for Chatfuel in the chatbot vertical.
Mailchimp Free plan available: YES

Mailchimp is best for

I still have an active free Mailchimp account for one use case: a newsletter populated by the RSS feed of my blog. Other than that, I would recommend to use a cheaper alternative like SendInBlue which offers a more reasonable pricing model, not based on contacts but on the amount of emails sent on a monthly basis.
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