Chatfuel review

Main use case: chatbot

Our honest opinion about Chatfuel

One of the leaders on the chatbot scene, offering an easy way to create bespoke chatbot scenarios enabling you to generate leads and interact with your subscribers.

Cheapest premium plan: $15 per month

The entry level price for 500 active users. If you don’t need the subscription feature (if you don’t plan to interact with the users via the chat channel in bulk after their initial interactions), don’t forget to flush the DB from time to time to stay at the lower price. Otherwise, it can become pretty excessive very quickly.
Chatfuel Free plan available: YES

Chatfuel is best for

anyone who needs a quick solution to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for customer support purposes, to generate leads or for other automation use cases: cart reminders for unfinished orders, automatic reply to Facebook comments, creation of Facebook ads custom audiences, etc.
Founded in 2015
Country: USA

Chatfuel introduction on Youtube