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ahrefs review

Main use case: seo

Our honest opinion about ahrefs

I’ve been using ahrefs on a daily basis for most than 3 years and except on some occasions I’ve always been satisfied with the quality of their data and the granularity of their results both for the US market and European countries (which is rarely the case with cheap competitors who only deliver acceptable data for the US market)

Cheapest premium plan: $99 per month

it’s not the cheapest SaaS product you can find but investing in a high quality SEO research tool is a must-have if you want to build websites which will rank and generate organic traffic. It’s also a smart way to gather competitive intelligence in a snap, for all sorts of digital endeavours.
ahrefs Free plan available: NO

ahrefs is best for

everyone in need of a SEO tool offering quality data for most markets and most verticals. You will obviously come across data which is far off the truth since most numbers are extrapolated but for most use cases, what you’ll see on ahrefs will give you a fairly good picture of search volumes, competition and opportunities.
Founded in 2011
Country: Singapore

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