What are the most popular API-related search queries?

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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are now ubiquitous, powering most of the apps we’re using on a daily basis.

RapidAPI is one of the leaders on this market, offering easy access to thousands of APIs via a single user interface.

What brings traffic to RapidAPI?

If you’re an API enthusiast, it’s worth finding out what are the most popular API-related search queries generated organic traffic for RapidAPI. It’s an indication of what’s hot on the market. You can get this data from ahrefs. We have fine tuned our search to only include queries featuring the “API” operator while excluding the word “Rapid” (to exclude branded search queries).

Here’s an excerpt of our our little experiment, in descending order, incl. RapidAPI’s position on Google USA for each keyword + the monthly search volume per keyword.

You can visit ahrefs to view the full list of results. We’ve excluded from our leaderboard the searches for “API key”, “API endpoint”, “How to use an API”, etc. which were not related to a specific API.

A very long tail of niche queries

Since RapidAPI features thousands of APIs, the organic traffic is spread among a long tail of niche queries. After applying our filters (which still included “API key” etc), we still had 13066 different long tail keywords generating organic traffic for the site. You might have noticed that the amount of monthly searches per API is quite moderate. Most developers probably head directly to the various websites to find the API documentation in the footer (or use RapidAPI as their dedicated search engine, not typing their query into Google search bar).

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