23 products you absolutely need to organize stuff at home

An essential checklist for people who need to tidy up

Proper organization is essential to keep your home tidy. Here’s a great list of 23 household essentials which will help you keep your home organized.
organizing stuff
A binder clip is a clamp that is used to hold pieces of paper together.
A bottle is a type of container with a narrow neck and a wider body, that is used to hold liquids.
An ice cube tray contains a number of rectangular slots in which water is poured. When stored in a freezer, this water forms ice cubes.
A toy shelf is a shelf that is used to display toys.
A stroller organizer is a bag in which items such as diapers and baby items can be stored and that is attached to a stroller.
A placemat is a round or rectangular flat mat that is placed underneath a plate to protect the table from the heat. Placemats also have a decorative function.
A pencil case is a soft container to store writing material and stationery.
An index card is a small rectangular piece of card on which information can be written.
A hole punch is a device that is used to punch small holes into pieces of paper before placing them into a ring binder.
A tea chest is a small box with compartments. It is used to store different kinds of tea bags.
A clutch is a type of small handbag without handle.
A knife is a sharp kitchen utensil with a blade. It is used to cut food.
A staple remover is a small device with two hooks that allows the safe removal of staples from pieces of paper.
An elastic band is a loop made of rubber that can be extended to hold objects together.
A clipboard is a rigid board on which a piece of paper is fastened with a clip.
A thumb tack is a pushpin with a flat circular head.
A ring binder is an A4-sized folder that can hold hole punched pieces of paper.
A sewing pin is a long pin that is used to temporarily hold pieces of fabric together.
A filing cabinet is a piece of furniture with drawers to store files.
A bowl is a round, deep dish that is used for food or liquids.
A clothes hanger is a wooden, metal or plastic device that is used to properly store clothes in a wardrobe.
A notepad is a pad of attached sheets of paper to write on.
A coat rack is a piece of furniture that is used to hang hats and coats.