17 products which are essential for a good night sleep

An essential checklist for the whole family

Sleep quality is essential for a good life balance. For every family member: adults, kids & pets alike.

And to have a proper sleep, you need the right products.

That’s why we’ve curated a checklist of household essentials which will help everyone sleep like a charm.

Sweet dreams!
good night sleep


A bed is a piece of furniture that is used for sleeping, resting and relaxing.
A sleep mask is a piece of fabric that is fastened over the eyes to block light during sleep.
A onesie is a piece of nightwear in one single piece. It often has a hood and closes at the front with a zipper.
A pillow is a cloth bag that is stuffed with soft material and that is used to rest the head during sleep.
A dog house is a small covered structure that allows a dog to sleep outside.
A duvet is a thick type of bedding that is filled with feathers or down. It is used to keep warm.
A pregnancy pillow is a large pillow that supports a pregnant woman’s belly.
A bed sheet is a thin piece of fabric that is spread over a bed.
A crib is a child’s bed with safety bars or lattices on the sides.
A cat tree is a wooden structure with platforms that allows a cat to relax on.
A sleeping bag is a lined, padded, portable type of bed that is closed with a zipper, in which a person can sleep.
A baby sleepbag is a sleeping bag with sleeves.
A baby bouncer is a kind of reclining seat for babies.
A mattress is a thick, soft fabric case that is used for sleeping on.
A dog bed is a kind of thick cushion or basket for a dog to sleep in.
A carrycot is a portable cot with handles.
A night gown is a type of dress that is worn as nightwear.