What are the most popular rooms in a house?

rooms in a house

You may wonder what are the most popular rooms in a house? The info might be valuable if you consider launching a niche content site around a specific room or if you run an e-commerce site and want to find out where people focus their attention, which is a good indication of where they’re expected to spend their money.

I’ve just run a few queries in ahrefs to find out.

rooms in a house

You’ll discover the results in the table below. This quick research is based on the QUESTIONS related to the keyword (not the keyword itself).

The volume in the second column corresponds to the total amount (#) of questions asked on Google USA. The volume in the 3rd column is the aggregate of the volume of searches for all the questions. Then you have the most asked question for the keyword on Google USA, followed by the volume of monthly searches for that specific question and the Keyword Difficulty – KD (how easy it’s to rank for that question, from O (easy) to 100 (very difficult)).


I have added GARDEN even if it’s not an inside room, because of its importance for home owners.

I haven’t included OFFICE since the results were polluted by all sorts of other “office”-related queries, connected to the TV series, the President’s office, Office 365, etc. It wouldn’t have been relevant.

Most popular rooms in a house

Room# Q on G USATotal volumeMost asked questionVolumeKD
kitchen203554428000how to paint kitchen cabinets1700049
garden197219383000how to build a raised garden bed930050
garage177496318000how much does it cost to build a garage340030
bathroom148252276000how to unclog bathroom sink410024
basement71537125000how to finish a basement490030
bedroom7089488000how to decorate a bedroom370061
attic3112854000how to insulate an attic150029
living room2185141000how to decorate a living room290060
dining room1099214000how to make a dining room table50033
hallway55833600what color to paint hallway with no windows15012
laundry room31752500how to organize a laundry room15019
family room22601300what is a family room10022
playroom825590how to organize playroom706
sitting room695540what is a sitting room2008
baby room4674500how to decorate baby room10026
leisure room3620what is a leisure room200

The results correspond roughly to what I was expecting: the most popular room in a house (in the USA at least) is the kitchen. There are more than 200,000 different kitchen-related questions indexed by ahrefs on Google USA. As you can see, I was right to include “garden” since it ranks #2 in terms of popular demand, followed by “garage”, “bathroom” and “basement”.

There are clearly more questions for rooms which can raise technical issues. Some rooms, even if they do exist in our vocabulary, don’t attract much attention. For those rooms (family room, sitting room, leisure room), people are even asking Google what the name implies.

As you might expect, decoration, cost and organisation are three strong recurring themes in the questions.

I invite you to have a look at our list of 14 rooms including a selection of 20 household essentials for each of those rooms. You might also be interested in our Infinite Feed of Household Essentials.

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