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Best Victrola Retro Record Players on Amazon

Feeling nostalgic? Check out our hand-curated list of the best Victrola vintage turntables you can find on Amazon. You’ll find the retro record player of your dreams to enjoy your vinyl collection. Victrola has taken the vintage experience and re-engineered it for the 21st century. Victrola offers 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1, 6-in-1, 7-in-1 and even… 8-in-1 record players, packed with the latest technological features while boasting an exquisite style. 

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Victrola vintage record players are great turntables to play various record sizes: 33 45 78. You can play both your collection of oldies and brand new records. It’s easy to find a replacement needle for a Victrola record player. Most Victrola turntables offer wireless (Bluetooth) and wired connectivity (RCA, 3.5mm jack). These are the perfect nostalgic bluetooth entertainment centres. Some of them are retro record players with legs, others fit in a retro suitcase.