How to develop and maintain a tidy lifestyle

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Let’s start with a series of questions frequently asked by people searching for tips to bring back some sanity in their daily life.

FAQs related to tidiness

What is the definition of tidiness?

The dictionary says that it’s “the state or quality of being arranged neatly and in order.” Neatness is a synonym of tidiness. Something spotlessly clean and neat can be described as spick-and-span.

What is the antonym of tidiness?

The answer is simple: untidiness or its synonym, messiness.

What is a messy house a sign of?

It might not be the sign of anything bad. Maybe you simply don’t have the time to tidy things up. Or maybe you have young kids who don’t care about a tidy environment. It’s easier to maintain a minimalist interior if you’re single or a couple with no kids.

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What are the best tips to keep your home tidy?

Choose the best storage furniture. It is key to guarantee the tidiness of your home. If you fill an open shelf with rows of boxes, try to use a standardised format. Don’t stack all sorts of different containers. It’s usually ineffective and most of the time quite ugly. Chaos isn’t tidy.

Don’t hesitate to give or sell what you rarely or barely use. There’s no reason to feel over-attached to random stuff.

Do not wait to take care of dirty dishes. Wash them just after your meals. The same applies to anything dirty around your house. Wipe up messes on the spot. Waiting for a stain to vanish by itself has never been proven to be effective.

If possible, once in a while, do a full inventory of all your belongings. You will undoubtedly find plenty of dusty old things which are no longer necessary and can be given away (take a souvenir picture if you feel sentimental about them). What’s not useful for you can be very helpful for someone else!

Find the most cluttered spaces in your home and focus on these spots for a while. Their neatness will soon radiate to your full home, in circles.

Never make piles of stuff. It’s the start of endless clutter.

Tidiness has to start somewhere

This might sound very obvious but your efforts have to start somewhere. If you want to address the issue in a single session, you’re doomed to fail. Make sure that each room you’ve cleaned up stays neat for a few days before moving to the next room. Tidying up is a gradual process.

The right tool for the right job

We’re strong believers in the effectiveness of owning the right tools for the right job. This will make your life so much easier.

Smart appliances like food processors or simple accessories like clothes hangers are a must to achieve a tidy lifestyle.

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