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When was it invented? 1386

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A chinese yoyo, also known as a diabolo, is a balancing toy that is thrown into the air and falls onto a string.

How to use a chinese yoyo

A Chinese yoyo, also known as a diabolo, is a skill toy consisting of two sticks and a spool that is spun and thrown around the sticks using a string. To use a Chinese yoyo, follow these steps:

1° Hold one stick in each hand, with the spool in the middle. The string should be attached to the sticks and looped around the spool.
2° Toss the spool into the air and catch it on the string.
3° As the spool falls, give it a gentle tug to keep it spinning.
4° Practice tossing and catching the spool, using your hands and the sticks to keep it spinning and control its movement.
5° Experiment with different tricks and movements, such as throwing the spool higher, changing the direction of the spin, and catching the spool on different parts of the string or sticks.

With practice, you can learn to perform a variety of tricks and routines with the Chinese yoyo. It's important to keep in mind that a Chinese yoyo requires a lot of practice to master, and it's not uncommon for beginners to feel frustrated at first. Just keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it eventually!
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Chinesisches Jojo

Ein chinesisches Jojo, auch als Diabolo bekannt, ist ein Balancierspielzeug, das in die Luft geworfen wird und auf eine Schnur fällt.

yoyo chinois

Un yoyo chinois, également appelé diabolo, est un jouet d'équilibre qui est lancé en l'air et tombe sur une corde.


Uno yoyo cinese, noto anche come diabolo, è un giocattolo equilibratore che viene lanciato in aria e cade su una corda.




Un yoyo chino, también conocido como diábolo, es un juguete de equilibrio que se lanza al aire y cae sobre una cuerda.

chinese jojo

Een chinese yoyo, ook wel bekend als een diabolo, is een balansspeeltje dat in de lucht wordt gegooid en op een touwtje valt.

chińskie jojo

Chińskie jojo, znane również jako diabolo, jest zabawką balansującą, która jest wyrzucana w powietrze i spada na sznurek.


Um yoyo chinês, também conhecido como diabolo, é um brinquedo de equilíbrio que é atirado ao ar e cai sobre um cordel.

китайская йойо

Китайский йойо, также известный как диаболо, является балансирующей игрушкой, которая бросается в воздух и падает на веревку.




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