Which brands make the best quality dressing gowns?

Which brands make the best quality dressing gowns featured

Top 5 Brands for Quality Dressing Gowns

When it comes to dressing gowns, quality is key. After all, it’s a garment that you’ll be wearing around your home for hours on end. Fortunately, there are several brands out there that prioritize comfort and durability in their designs. Here are the top 5 brands for quality dressing gowns:

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is known for their sturdy outerwear and hiking boots, but they also make excellent dressing gowns. Their flannel robe is a customer favorite, thanks to its softness and warmth. It’s perfect for lounging on chilly nights.

Additionally, L.L. Bean offers a range of dressing gowns in different materials and styles, so there’s something for everyone.


Parachute is a bedding and bath brand that focuses on creating high-quality, eco-friendly products. Their waffle robe is a popular choice among customers, thanks to its lightweight yet absorbent material.

Not only is Parachute’s waffle robe comfortable to wear, but it’s also easy to care for. It’s machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat.


Another eco-friendly option is Coyuchi, a brand that uses organic and sustainable materials in their products. Their Mediterranean organic robe is a luxurious choice, made from 100% organic cotton.

Coyuchi’s dressing gowns are designed to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Plus, they have a range of colors to choose from.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is a high-end home goods store that offers a range of stylish and comfortable dressing gowns. Their spa robe is a standout item, made from Turkish cotton and featuring a plush shawl collar.

Customers rave about the comfort and absorbency of Restoration Hardware’s dressing gowns. They’re perfect for relaxing after a long bath or shower.


UGG is best known for their cozy winter boots, but they also make excellent dressing gowns. Their Duffield robe is made from a soft and silky jersey material, making it comfortable to wear year-round.

In addition to its comfort, the Duffield robe is also machine-washable and features convenient pockets.

When it comes to dressing gowns, there are plenty of brands to choose from. If you prioritize quality and comfort, however, these five brands are the way to go. From L.L. Bean’s flannel robe to UGG’s silky jersey option, you’re sure to find a dressing gown that’s perfect for you.

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