What thickness wetsuit do I need?

What thickness wetsuit do I need featured

Understanding Wetsuit Thickness

When planning to engage in water sports such as surfing, diving, and snorkeling, you need a quality wetsuit that will keep you warm and comfortable. The thickness of these suits is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the right attire for the activity. Let us unravel the basics of wetsuit thickness to help you make an informed decision.

The Importance of Wetsuit Thickness

The thickness of a wetsuit determines its level of insulation against water temperature. A thin suit is ideal for warm water while a thick suit is best for cold water as it provides more insulation. Choosing the right thickness for your wetsuit is essential for staying comfortable and safe during your activity.

Determining the Right Wetsuit Thickness

Several factors influence the thickness of wetsuit you need. These include the water temperature, air temperature, wind, and duration of your activity. The commonly recommended wetsuit thickness for different water temperatures are;

  • Water temperature of 78°F and above – go for a 1-2mm single or double-lined full suit or a springsuit.
  • Water temperature of 65-75°F – go for a 2-3mm full suit.
  • Water temperature of 55-64°F – go for a 4-5mm full suit with sealed seams, hood, and boots.
  • Water temperature of 46-54°F – go for a 6-7mm full wet suit with sealed seams, hood, and boots.

Extras to Consider

When considering the thickness of the wetsuit, you may want to consider any other item that comes with it, such as boots, gloves, and hood. These extras help keep you warm and protect vital body parts such as the feet, hands, and head.

Wetsuits are valuable attire for water sports enthusiasts. When selecting the thickness of your wetsuit, always consider the water temperatures in which you will use it, how long you intend to be in the water, and the wind and air temperatures. With this knowledge, you can choose the perfect wetsuit to suit your needs and preference.

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