What outfits go well with Oxford shoes?

What outfits go well with Oxford shoes featured

Classic Look: Oxford Shoes and a Suit

Oxford shoes are a classic footwear choice for a suit. The dark color of the shoes create a sleek and polished look that complements the formal wear. For a traditional business suit, opt for black or brown leather Oxfords, but if you’re feeling bolder, try a colorful pair of suede Oxfords with a more tailored suit. Keep the colors simple, muted and elegant for a timeless appearance.

Casual Style: Oxford Shoes and Jeans

Oxford shoes are versatile enough to dress down too. They look great with denim, particularly if the jeans are modern, slim-fitting and tapered. Whether you choose straight leg or skinny-fit jeans, roll up the cuffs slightly to reveal your socks or ankles. This style pairs well with a simple button-down shirt and a leather belt, or a casual sweater.

Preppy Look: Dresses and Oxford Shoes

The classic preppy look is easily achieved with an Oxford and a dress. It is essential to know how to choose the right type of dress to make the look come together. A-line, wrap and shift dresses in solid colors or subtle prints will work well. If you want to add a pop of color or pattern, choose a matching blazer or cardigan. Oxford shoes in pastel colors will complete the look with a playful and preppy edge.

Trendy Style: Oxford Shoes and Skirts

Oxford shoes can give a trendy and fun twist to any skirt. A short, mid-length or long skirt looks good with Oxford shoes. The key is to pair them with the right fabric and style. For example, a linen skirt pairs well with a suede Oxford shoe, while a denim skirt pairs well with a patent or metallic Oxford shoe. Keep the skirts flowy and free to add movement and dimension to the look.

Sporty Chic: Oxford shoes and Sweats

Yes, Oxford shoes can be paired with sweats! An oversized sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants can be dressed up with a pair of Oxford shoes. The contrast between the casual sweat suit and the elegant Oxford shoe creates a unisex sporty chic style. To take this look to the next level, complete it with trendy accessories like a chunky necklace or a baseball cap.

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