What is the history of the apple corer?

What is the history of the apple corer featured

The Early Days of Apple Coring Devices

As far back as the mid-19th century, people have been looking for ways to easily remove the core from an apple. In the 1860s, a device named the “apple parer-corer-slicer” was invented, which used a hand-cranked mechanism to peel and core the apple at the same time. This device became popular in households across America, and was later improved upon with the addition of a suction base for stabilization.

The Evolution of Apple Corers

In the early 1900s, a new type of apple corer emerged – one that was much simpler to use than the traditional hand-cranked parer-corer-slicer. Called the “apple corer”, this device was a simple tube with a sharpened edge used to pierce the apple and remove the core. Over time, variations of this design were developed, including an inline version with a handle at one end, and a more curved design for easier maneuverability.

Modern Apple Corers and Innovations

In the modern era, apple corers have continued to evolve, with new materials and designs being introduced. One popular design is the OXO Good Grips Apple Corer, which features a soft non-slip handle and a stainless steel core remover. Another design innovation is the use of serrated blades, which make it easier to pierce through tough apple skins and remove the core.

Recently, apple corers have also become more environmentally-conscious, with some companies offering plastic-free options made from materials such as bamboo or stainless steel. Additionally, some corers have added features such as a built-in slicer or a tool for creating apple roses.

Uses Beyond Apples

While apple corers were originally designed for the singular purpose of removing the core of an apple, they have also found use in other areas. One example is in the kitchen, where they can be used to easily remove the seed cores from peppers or other vegetables. Additionally, corers have been used in the crafting world as a way to remove the center from a piece of polymer clay or to create custom beads.

The Apple Corer in Popular Culture

Throughout the years, the apple corer has made appearances in popular culture, from the classic children’s book “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World” to the television show “The Big Bang Theory”, where character Sheldon Cooper is seen using one to remove the core from a pear. The apple corer has become a staple of kitchens everywhere, and continues to be an essential tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily remove the core from an apple.

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