What is the best way to style brogues?

What is the best way to style brogues featured

Brogues: A Brief Overview

Brogues are a type of versatile shoe that can be worn in a variety of settings – from formal events to casual outings. These shoes typically feature decorative perforations, or “broguing,” along the edges and in patterns across the leather or suede material. Brogues can be styled in a number of different ways depending on the occasion, but it’s important to consider the material, color, and overall outfit when pairing them.

Traditional Brogue Styling

If you’re looking to style brogues in a more traditional way, consider pairing them with a tailored suit in a neutral color such as black, navy, or grey. Classic leather brogues in a darker shade will complement the sophistication of a formal suit. Keep the fit of the suit slim and tapered, and opt for a collared shirt and tie to complete the look.

Business Casual Brogue Styling

Brogues can also be dressed down for a more business casual vibe. Pair them with slim-fit chinos or dark denims and a button-up shirt or polo. Keep the colors neutral but experiment with textures and patterns. A suede brogue in a lighter color can help tone down a formal outfit, making it more appropriate for a relaxed office environment.

Casual Brogue Styling

For a completely casual look, consider pairing your brogues with a slim fit t-shirt or button-up and some dark denim or chinos. Opt for lighter color brogues in suede or leather to keep in line with the casual feel of the outfit.

Brogue Care and Maintenance

To keep your brogues looking their best, it’s important to give them proper care and maintenance. Use a high-quality leather conditioner regularly to prevent the material from cracking or drying out. When cleaning your brogues, use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris from the perforations, and gently wipe the material with a damp cloth. Store your brogues in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or discoloration over time.

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