What is a tubular key?

What is a tubular key featured

What is a Tubular Key?

A tubular key is a type of key used to operate a lock that has a circular keyway. It is also known as a barrel key, round key, or radial key. The key has grooves cut into the end of it and a circular cross-section to match the locks’ cylindrical shape.

How Does a Tubular Key Work?

Each groove on the tubular key aligns with a pin in the lock that prevents it from turning. When the key is inserted, the pins will line up with the grooves, allowing the key to turn and open the lock.

The number of grooves on a tubular key may vary, but the most common are seven and eight grooves. Some tubular keys have a pattern of grooves that is unique to the lock it operates, making it difficult for someone to pick the lock without the proper key.

Where are Tubular Keys Used?

Tubular keys are commonly used in various applications, such as vending machines, gaming machines, electronic bike locks, and cabinets. They are also used in high-security locks, such as those used in casinos, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific areas.

Tubular Keys vs. Standard Keys

One of the significant advantages of tubular keys over standard keys is that they are harder to duplicate. Standard keys can be copied easily, but tubular keys require specialized equipment to duplicate them. This makes them more secure, especially in applications where access needs to be controlled.

A tubular key is a unique type of key commonly used in vending machines, gaming machines, electronic bike locks, and high-security locks. Its design makes it harder to duplicate, providing better security and control. So, if you need to protect valuable items, using a tubular key and lock can help safeguard them.

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