What is a restricted key system?

What is a restricted key system featured

Understanding the Basics of a Restricted Key System

A restricted key system is a type of security system that is designed to restrict access to a property or building. This system uses specially designed keys that cannot be copied easily. The purpose of a restricted key system is to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys and ensure that only authorized people have access to the building.

How Does a Restricted Key System Work?

In a restricted key system, the keys are designed with unique configurations that are specific to the lock that they open. These keys have specific cuts and patterns that make them challenging to replicate. This system uses key blanks that are only available to authorized dealers, making it impossible for unscrupulous people to get a copy of the key.

Benefits of a Restricted Key System

One of the significant advantages of a restricted key system is the high level of security it provides. With this system, you can be sure that unauthorized individuals will not be able to gain access to your property. Additionally, it offers convenience as you can have a single key that can open multiple locks within the building. You can also restrict access to specific areas of the building to authorized personnel only.

Restricted Key Systems vs. Master Key Systems

Although they may seem similar, restricted key systems are different from master key systems. In a master key system, a single key can open multiple locks within the building. A restricted key system, on the other hand, uses keys that are unique to specific locks. One of the significant drawbacks of a master key system is the high likelihood of unauthorized individuals getting access to all areas of the building.

Choosing the Right Restricted Key System for Your Property

It is essential to choose the right restricted key system for your property to ensure that it is secure. You should consider factors such as the size of the property, the number of doors that need locking and unlocking, and who requires access. It is also important to employ the services of a reputable security company that can help you choose the right system and provide installation and maintenance services.

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