What is a pocket square handkerchief?

What is a pocket square handkerchief featured

Understanding Pocket Squares: A Versatile Fashion Accessory

A pocket square handkerchief, commonly called a pocket square, is a stylish accessory that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Unlike a traditional handkerchief that is used for functional purposes like wiping sweat or blowing one’s nose, a pocket square is purely ornamental and worn as a decorative item.

The Different Types of Pocket Squares

Pocket squares come in different fabrics, colors, and patterns. The four most popular pocket square materials include silk, cotton, linen, and wool. Cotton pocket squares are perfect for casual events, while silk pocket squares add glamour to formal occasions. Linen pocket squares are ideal for summer events, as they are breathable, and wool pocket squares are suitable for colder weather.

How to Fold and Wear a Pocket Square

There are different ways to fold a pocket square, including the classic straight fold, the one-point fold, the puff fold, and the three-point fold. Each fold has its unique style and can be worn with different outfits. Pocket squares can be worn with a suit jacket or blazer and can be paired with a tie or worn alone for a more casual look. They can also be worn in different pocket styles, like the classic straight fold, the angled fold, or the curved fold.

Where to Buy Pocket Squares

Today, pocket squares are widely available in men’s clothing stores and online retailers. Online retailers like The Tie Bar, Mr. Porter, and Amazon offer a wide range of selection in different colors, patterns, and materials. For those seeking luxury pocket squares, names like Hermes and Gucci offer designer pieces.

Pocket Squares for Any Occasion

A pocket square is a versatile accessory that can elevate any attire. A simple addition to any ensemble can transform a plain-looking outfit into a stylish, sophisticated, and fashionable one. With different materials, colors, and patterns, pocket squares can be worn to match a range of occasions, from formal events to casual outings.

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