What is a flat cap?

What is a flat cap featured

What is a Flat Cap?

Flat caps, also known as newsboy caps or driving caps, are a type of headwear that has been associated with various styles and cultures throughout history. These caps typically feature a rounded crown and a stiff brim that extends outward from the front of the cap.

Historical Origins of the Flat Cap

Flat caps are known to have originated in 14th-century England, where they were primarily worn by working-class men as a practical form of headwear. Over time, the style evolved and became a symbol of masculinity and sophistication in the early 20th century.

Cultural Significance of the Flat Cap

The flat cap has been worn by many different groups over the years, including farmers, sailors, and even Hollywood actors. In the UK, it is often associated with the working class, while in the US, it has been embraced by the hip-hop community.

Styling a Flat Cap

There are many ways to style a flat cap, depending on the occasion and individual preference. Some people prefer to wear them as part of a casual outfit, while others pair them with a suit for a more formal look. Many also choose to wear them slightly angled to the side, while some prefer to wear them straight.

Where to Buy a Flat Cap

If you’re interested in purchasing a flat cap, there are many retailers that offer a wide variety of styles and sizes. You can find them at most department stores, as well as specialty hat shops and online retailers like Amazon and Hats.com.

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